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Town Clerk

Town Clerk

Elected Position

Duties of Position:     The town clerk is responsible under a variety of statutes for keeping all town records, certifying the actions of select board and other town officials, making official reports, collecting fees and serving as an election official. The clerk shall record all votes passed by the town. The clerk may appoint a deputy, with the approval of the select board. The clerk may be authorized by the state Department of Safety to register motor vehicles. The clerk shall deliver to their successor in office, as soon as chosen and qualified, all journals, records, record books, papers, files and other things whatsoever held by them in their capacity as town clerk. All records, books, papers, vouchers and documents of every kind which shall be in the hands of any officer, committee or board of officers of the town, not their individual property, which shall not be needed for their present use, shall be properly filed and deposited in the office of the town clerk, and shall be kept and preserved there as public records of the town.

Responsibilities:     Attend public meetings of the select board, administer town clerk operations for voting registration, town elections, motor vehicle registrations and vital statistics and record keeping. Keep office hours needed for execution of their duties.

Appointing Authority:   RSA 41:16 requires the clerk to be chosen by ballot at town meeting.

Term of Office:     Either a one or a three-year term as decided by the town at town meeting.

Time Commitment:    The position of town clerk would be a part-time to full-time position, depending on the size and needs of the town. Town clerk compensation is determined by the annual meeting and may be in the form of fees, salary in lieu of fees or salary combined with fees.

Qualifications:      Eligible candidates include adults over the age of 18 who are U.S. Citizens and who reside in the town and are registered voters. A prior interest in all aspects of local town government, including but not limited to having served as an elected or appointed official on another town board or body.

Support Provided:    The town may pay for attendance at training programs provided by the NH City and Town Clerks Association and/or the New Hampshire Municipal Association.