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Supervisors of the Checklist

Supervisor of the Checklist

Elected Position

Duties of Position: The supervisors of the checklist (sometimes referred to as registrars in cities) give careful consideration of each voter registration form that is submitted to them, allowing only those who are qualified to vote on the checklist of registered voters. Supervisors help to assure the integrity of the election process in our municipalities. Supervisors must meet to accept applications and update and correct the checklist. They also must post the checklist before elections.

Responsibilities: For all town, city, village district or school district elections, the supervisors must hold a session 6 to 13 days prior to the election.
In official ballot referendum (SB 2) towns, the supervisors must hold a session on the Saturday, 6 to 13 days prior to the first (deliberative) session. The supervisors will also meet on the day immediately prior to the first day of the filing period for candidates. Supervisors may hold additional sessions to allow citizens to register in addition to the required sessions, if they post notice of the meeting. The supervisors must make and post copies of the
checklist at the office of the town or city clerk or at the town hall no later than the fourth Tuesday before any state election. Each posted checklist shall state the date, hour and place of the upcoming sessions for checklist additions. The additions and corrections resulting from such session shall be made to the previously posted checklist on or before midnight on the succeeding Friday either by additions or corrections to the checklist or by posting a new
corrected checklist. Notice of such additions or corrections to the checklist shall also be given to the town clerk.

Appointing Authority: The board of supervisors of the checklist shall consist of 3 legal voters of the town. At the annual town election held in every even numbered year, the voters of each town shall elect, by ballot, one supervisor for a term of 6 years.

Term of Office: Six years.

Time Commitment: Attend necessary meetings leading up to elections to prepare the checklist,and attend all elections. 

Qualifications: Eligible candidates include adults over the age of 18 who are U.S. Citizens and who reside in the town and are registered voters.

Support Provided: The town may pay for attendance at training programs provided by the New Hampshire Municipal Association.